3 Self-Improvements I’ve Made At Microverse

Since joining Microverse in mid-2020, there are three fundamental improvements I achieved. They are Learning, Teamwork, and Workflow.

Around March 2020, I made the bold decision to join Microverse — A remote online school for software developers. At first, I was a bit skeptical — What could I learn at Microverse that I can’t learn alone? I am glad that I was wrong. So, I got accepted in Microverse on the 6th of July. Here are three self-improvements I have achieved since joining the program.


I have researched a great deal about the concept of learning-mindset. It means learning is a continuous process. Mircoverse follows this philosophy too. At the heart of learning at Microverse is completing dozens of projects. Projects include professional projects, technical projects, and coding challenges. Each project is expected to be completed at a certain duration of time. This enables a quick and efficient way to learn new stuff.

An experience I had was when I completed my first project. It had an unprofessional Github README file and the TSE marked the project as invalid, I was so angry and owned up to it by not repeating the same mistake ever. Essentially, Microverse has provided me with a template to learn new things efficiently and on time.


This is one aspect I appreciate about Microverse. Getting to work with partners of varying skillset and background has greatly impacted how I code and work on projects. I get to see how my coding partners and standup team conjure solutions for a given problem in real-time. I get to learn and see various ways to solve a given problem.


By completing so many projects at Microverse, I have learned how to tackle projects by following a pre-defined workflow. Workflows provide easy and efficient steps for developers to complete projects on time.

At the end of each technical curriculum is a capstone project. I now make use of similar or improved workflows to better organize and complete my capstone projects and other projects on time.


So far, my time at Microverse has been nothing but spectacular. Microverse gave me the needed exposure a developer has to have. With the learning-mindest fixed in my mind, I will continue to learn and improve on many of these relevant areas. I made the right decision to join Microverse. I am proud to be a Micronaut.